Mankurad mango & honey Crêpe



For the pancake

Flour – 1cup

Eggs – 2 no.

Milk – ½ cup

Water – ½ cup

Salt – ¼ tsp

Sugar – 1tsp

Butter (melted) – 2tsp


For the filling

Mango slices – 1cup

Water – ¼ cup

Honey – 2tbsp

Cream – 2tbsp


1)      In a clean bowl, whisk together the flour, eggs, milk, water, salt & sugar. Mix well so that no lumps are seen. Once the batter is smooth, add in the melted butter, give it a final mix & leave aside.

2)      Add the mango slices to a non-stick pan on low heat. Add in the water & keep stirring with a wooden spoon so that the mango does not caramelize. Once the slices are seduced to a semi pulp, add in the honey & cream & take off the gas. Set aside to cook, but keep stirring.

3)      Now is the tricky part. Remember, thinner the crêpe, the better it is. On a heated non-stick pan, pour some of the batter & swirl to get a thin even coat on the pan. Set the pan back on the flame & watch the crêpe cook. You will notice the Crêpe separate from the pan. That’s the time you want to turn it. Once turned, add some of the mango mix to the center of the mix.

4)      Fold the crepe from side to side, creating a parcel.

5)      Cut into desired shapes, & serve with vanilla ice cream!!

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