Mediterranean Crispy Calamari

During my time in Italy, one particular dish caught my attention, not only for its simplicity, but for the flavours it brought out. We all love batter fried calamari, but what if it was crispier & lighter?

Try this recipe out, and be ready for a chow down.



Calamari – 200gm

Lime Juice – ½ no.

Salt & pepper – to taste

Flour – 50gm

Oil – for frying

For the sauce

Mayonnaise – 2tbsp

Black olive – 4no.

Green olive – 4no

Pickled gherkins – 2no.

1) Wash clean and dry the calamari. Slice each calamari into roundels about ½ cm thick. Leave the heads as they are, taking off the beak. Once sliced, leave the calamari in a strainer for 10 min. to remove all access water. Marinate the calamari with lime juice, salt & pepper & leave aside for 15 min.
2) For the sauce. Chop the gherkins, black & green olives. Add it to the mayonnaise & give it a good mix. Our tartar sauce is ready.
3) Take the marinated calamari on a large plate, add some flour. To it add the calamari, & toss well so that the flour coats the calamari well and is not sticky but light & fluffy.
4) Heat oil in a wok. Dust off extra flour from the calamari & deep fry in the wok till light golden. Strain on a kitchen towel to remove any excess oil.
5) Serve with the tartar sauce, some parsley & lime wedges. Enjoy!!!
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