Multi-grain soft rolls

Happy New year Everyone!! This week, I tried something that’s simple, healthy & tasty. You could even use your choice of grains too!! Try my Multi-grain soft rolls and see for yourselves!!

Multi-grain soft rolls



Whole wheat flour – 2 cups

Oat flour – 1 cup

Refined flour (maida) – 1cup

Water (at room temperature) – 1 cup

Milk (Room temperature) – 1cup

Yeast – 10gm

Sugar – 2tbsp

Salt – 5gm

Refined oil – 60ml

Sesame seeds – 2tbsp

Flax seeds – 2tbsp


Soak the sesame & flax in some water for an hour before making the dough. Sieve all the flour together & mix in the salt & sugar& keep aside. In a bowl, mix the water, milk and yeast to form a liquid. Add it to the flour & knead to a smooth dough. Add in the oil, sesame & flax seeds. Once the dough is soft, place it in a bowl & cover with a wet muslin cloth for about 20 min or till double in size. 
When the dough has risen, dust some flour lightly on the table. Knead the dough once roughly to push out the air formed in the dough. Shape into round balls & dab in some water & in some seeds to cover the crust. Place in a baking trey for desired shapes. Rest the dough again for about 10 min. Bake in a pree-heated oven at 210*C for 10 min or till golden brown. Brush the bread with some oil as soon as you take it out of the oven to get that awesome golden look!! Enjoy!!

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