Pesto sauce

This week is an interesting twist. One of my favourite sauces. Pesto is an Italian sauce mainly used in pastas. With its ever popular flavour, today one could use it in end number of ways. You could grill fish with pesto oil, or even chicken for that fact. Toss some veggies with pesto, or simply spread it in your sandwich. It all works well. Here’s my version of pesto, made from locally available ingredients.


Pesto sauce
Olive Oil – 100ml
Basil leaves – 100gm
Cashew nuts – 50gm
Garlic cloves – 4no.
Parmesan cheese (local) – 30gm
Salt & Pepper – to taste

In a blender, blend all the ingredients together using olive oil. Finish off with salt & pepper.
Tip 1: Do not blend for too long as the cheese may form into lumps.
Tip 2: Once you remove the pesto sauce from the blender, top it with more olive oil. This prevents it from oxidation.


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