Ragi Vermicelli Kheer

Who would think, Ragi Vermicelli was available?? I saw this pack on the shelf of a supermarket & thought.. mmm what if I used this instead of regular vermicelli? Would it be different? Surprisingly, it was fantastic, warm, comforting & healthy dessert for the monsoon!! Give it a go and see for yourselves!!
Ragi Vermicelli Kheer

Ragi vermicelli – 1 cup
Ghee – 2tbsp
Milk – 400ml
Sugar – 150gm
Cardamom – 10no.
Cashew nuts – 20gm
Charoli – 2tsp
Raisins – 20gm
Rose water – 1tbsp
Method: In a pan, dry roast the cashew & charoli nuts and keep aside. In a sauce pan, dry roast the vermicelli for about 2 min, before adding in the ghee. Sautee for a further 2 min. and slowly add in the milk. Bring the milk to a boil, reduce the flame & add in the sugar & cardamom. Cook till vermicelli is cooked & switch off the gas, stirring occasionally. Add in the raisins & rose water. Finally add in the roasted nuts & serve.


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