Hack into Chef Marlon Lobo’s Gourmet Food 5’iles and cook in 5 easy steps.

This rustic peasant dish, is not only simple to make but also distinctly highlights the flavour of each vegetable. Try out my simple approach to this French classic dish.



Zucchini – 40gm

Brinjal – 40gm

Tomato 20gm

Onion – 20gm

Yellow bell pepper – 20gm

Red bell pepper – 20gm

Garlic – 1tsp

Thyme – ½ tsp

Napolitano sauce – 1 cup


1)     Begin the recipe by collecting your mise en place.

2)     Cut the zucchini, brinjal, tomato, onion, bell peppers into cubes.

3)     Chop the garlic & sauté in olive oil. Add in the diced vegetables & thyme.

4)      Cook till 90% done & add in the Napolitano sauce.

5)     Serve with a slice of bread.

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