Roasted pumpkin & arugula salad

The concept of ‘whole-meal salad’ has caught up around the world & is slowly making its entry into India. With a proper balance of nutrition, this salad could possibly make up as a primary meal & not an accompaniment, keeping the right balance of fats, proteins & even carbohydrates required in our daily diet



Pumpkin – 150gm

Arugula/ rocket lettuce – 20gm

Red radish – 1no

Zucchini – 1no

Feta cheese – 3tbsp

Sun flower seeds – 1tbsp

Melon seeds – 1tbsp

Extra virgin olive oil – 1tbsp

Balsamic vinegar – 1tsp

Salt & pepper – to taste


For the pickle

Water – 200ml

Vinegar – 50ml

Sugar – 1tbsp


1)      Begin your recipe by collecting your ingredients. This is known as ‘Mise en place’

2)      Prep your ingredients. Slice the zucchini, radish, pumpkin & shred the rocket lettuce.

3)      Pickle the thinly sliced radish for about 10 min. before use, by simply soaking them in a boiling emulation of water, white vinegar & sugar.

4)      Season the pumpkin & zucchini slices & grill on a pan till cooked. For the dressing, whisk together the balsamic vinegar, honey & olive oil with some salt & pepper.

5)      Assemble the salad with all your ingredients starting with the zucchini & pumpkin with the cold arugula, topped with the seeds & garnished with the pickle radishes, not to forget a drizzle of the dressing!!

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