Spaghetti al Pesto

This week, a simple classic that can be twisted in many ways!! ‘Spaghetti al Pesto’ or Spaghetti  with pesto.  Made from fresh ingredients, Pesto sauce can be made & stored for months. All you need to do is keep it preserved under olive oil.




Spaghetti – 150gm

Basil – 100gm

Parmesan cheese – 40gm

Cashew nuts – 30gm

Olive oil – 100ml

Salt & pepper – to taste


1)      Begin by first collecting all your ingredients like in pic 1. This will help you work with ease & swiftness.

2)      Using a blender, blend together the basil, parmesan cheese, cashew nuts, olive oil, salt & pepper. Blend together to get a smooth consistent paste.

3)      Add more olive oil if needed but not too much or the sauce will get light on flavour & taste.

4)      Take a pot half way full of water. Add some salt to it. The water should be a little less salty then sea water. Set it on a medium flame & let it boil. Once the water begins to boil, add in the pasta. Do not break it as you will see it slowly slide into the pot, there by getting submersed fully.

5)      Finally strain the pasta & add it to a non-stick pan. Spoon in the pesto sauce a little at a time till you reach the desired flavour. Top it with some parmesan cheese & voila.. there you go.. Spaghetti al pesto!!

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