Thai Red Curry with Prawns & Noodles





Hack into Chef Marlon Lobo’s Gourmet Food 5’iles and cook in 5 easy steps.

A quick fix to a healthy hearty meal in absolutely no time. Adding a bit of heat to the absolutely flavorful Thai curry, would suit the Indian palate.



Pealed Prawns – 100gm

Thai Red Curry paste – 2tbsp

Coconut milk – 1 cup

Water – 1/2 cup

Galangal – 1 inch

Lemon grass shoot – 2 inch

Kafir/ lime leaves – 2 no.

Brussel sprouts – 3 no.

Broccoli – 5 florets

Cherry tomatoes – 6 no.

Moong sprouts – 3 tbsp

Asparagus – 5 no.

Thai brinjals – 8 no.

Bird’s eye chili – 3 no.

Noodles – 1 portion


1) Begin the recipe by first collecting all your ingredients or ‘mise en place’.

2)Prep the vegetables by washing and cutting them. Keep aside. Smash the galangal, lime leaves & lemon grass using a stone & set aside too.

3) To a hot pan, drizzle some oil & add in the cut brussel sprouts, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, asparagus & bird’s eye chili. Keep tossing till a bit charred. Add in the Thai curry paste and coconut milk, stirring well. Add in the water, kafir lime leaves, galangal & lemon grass that have been smashed. Once the sauce starts to simmer add in the prawns & season. Turn off the heat after about 5 min.

4) To a pot of boiling water, add some salt & put in the noodles to boil. Cook the noodles as per instructions on the package and strain once done.

5) Plate the noodles on to a bowl, topped with the red curry, vegetables & prawns. Enjoy!!

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