Sunday Hogathon, Tongue Burn challenge

Sunday’s event on 22nd May 2016 at The Riverhouse, Baga was the beginning of the series called the Sunday Hogathon.

Challenge: finish 1 chili dog and 1 bucket of wings laden with habanero chilies and Naga chilies, the hottest chilies in the world.

We had 9 challengers who took up the challenge, Amit, John, Brendon, Sherwin, Aniz, Fred,Elton, Duncan and Nelvin.

Some of them used the fork and knife to avoid the burn, some used the provided latex gloves and other went hands on

John finished swept up his chili dog and spicy fries first, setting the benchmark really high, he chased it with the spicy wings leaving everyone behind by a mile except for Nelvin

Although Nelvin was slow on the chili dog he made up for the time on the wings and astonishingly there was a tie between Nelvin and John.

Lana set a tie breaker challenge which was a bowl of hot chili con carne garnished with a hot red chili on top.

The foodies and the owners could not take their eyes off Nelvin as he walloped the bowl of hot chili concarne as though it was dessert  had a clear winner, who took home the trophy, title and the prize of goodies from all our sponsors and food vouchers from The Riverhouse.

Spot Challenges: Spiro, co owner of The Riverhouse concocted a refreshing challenge for the ladies called the Shout Brain Freeze challenge

Using his extraordinary bartending skills and Green apple shout + Black Jewel Gin+ basil and ice.

Although the ladies were shy to express their experience in drinking, they didn’t seem very coy during the challenge.

Jane Dsouza took away the prize, a case of Green Apple shout and Black jewel Gin. 

Beer Chugging: 6 guys lined up eagerly to take on the kingfisher beer chugging challenge. Rainon was the first to down it and win a case of beers.

Merxican Bulldog Challenge : One has to try it to know how perfect this drink is for Goan weather. Nothing can beat a chilled pint of beer overturned on an icy margarita. The Goan Foodies Chef Marlon Lobo, founder of The Goan Foodie and Geetanjali Chhetri, Creative Director of The Goan Foodie were put to task by Spiro and Lana. For the record the lady won…it was a really deliciously refreshing drink

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