Goan MAN Vs FOOD 2015

15 challengers had to go up against Chef Macustoy’s 1.3kg Zombie burger to qualify from the preliminary round held at Cherry Tomato, Colva, on the 30th of August. It was a tough challenge with a little over 100 people to cheer their foodie challengers on, but unfortunately, food won. The Zombie could not be consumed by any of the participants in the allotted time of 60 minutes. Hence the contest went to sudden death i.e. each contestants left overs were weighed & the 6 with the least left overs moved to the Grand Finale.

The 6th & 5th contestants with a tie of 300gm remaining; Elton Rock Coelho & Nadia Fernandes. 4th place went to Shane Marie Rodrigues with 260gm left. 3rd place to Daniel Carneiro with 190gm left. 2nd place went to ‘The Leda steak eating champ’ Conrad Barreto, with 170gm & 1st place went to Manfred Rodrigues with just 140gm left.

Who would have thought, the ladies would kick so many of the guys in the rear end to move to the final!!

The Grand Finale was held on the 6th of September 2015 at Firefly, Goan Bistro, Benaulim. Participants went up against their challenge, being a 3 course meal.

1st Course – Mexican cuisine:  ‘All that’s Good Nachos’ with a chilli dog & Kingfisher beer

2nd Course- Spaghetti meatball & a glass of Myra wine

3rd Course- A Fruit trifle, Flambéed with Cazulo Coconut Feni.

‘Goan Man vs Food 2015’ has officially been a bigger & greater hit with the people of Goa. With an online reach of over 53,000 viewers, all present at the event were taken aback. A crowd of over 350 people came together at, Firefly the Goan Bistro, Benaulim. It was actually packed to the brim with people everywhere. Even the road leading to the venue looked like similar to those leading to one of the EDM parties from the North!!

A jest of what went down is as follows:

The title of ‘Goan Man vs Food’ was stolen right in front of all 6 other contestants by Conrad Baretto. Conrad consumed all three courses of the meal in a shocking 25 minutes out of the allotted 45 minutes followed by Daniel Carnero. The first round being the Mexican All that’s Good Nacho round with chilli dogs & a Kingfisher beer, Round two being the Italian round of Spaghetti with meat balls & a glass of Myra wine & the final round being a 400gm fruit trifle flambéed

Loads of spot contest took place too like a couple of rounds of King fisher beer chugging, where the winner won a case of king fisher pints, to Myra wine sangria drinking contest where the winner won a bottle of wine, 2 rounds of All that’s good nacho eating contest where the winner took home an All that’s good nacho hamper. Not to forget the 2 rounds of Hog Dog eating contest for the ladies, where the winners received T-shirts by Harley Davidson.





Besides, the audience also got to win cool prizes like meal vouchers from Chef Cyrus Todiwala’s river restaurant, Located at the Acron River front hotel in Baga as well as prizes in the form of complementary stays by them again, to VIP tickets to standup comedy show ‘Men are from Bars’ by Code9 events.

Goa’s popular standup comedian, Mark Rocha as emcee along with the young and talented rock band ‘Electric pulse’ kept the whole crowd on their feet through the night. In a winner takes all, Condrad walked off winning a huge basket of goodies. The basket consisted of The Title, The Goan Foodie privilege card, trophy, 2 VIP passes to Men are from bars, Apparels from Harley Davidson, case of King fisher beer, a bottle of cazulo fenni, bottle of Myra wine, hamper from All that’s Good, complementary stay at the beautiful Acron water front resort, Baga, a meal voucher for 2 at Chef Cyrus Todiwalas river restaurant & a gift voucher from Magsons Supermarket.



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