10 Best Cafés in Goa

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1 the classic cappuccino

Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna

The classic Cappuccino – A strong shot of espresso, with foamy milk. My favorite combo being with a fresh crisp croissant.

2 hazelnut coffee

Cafè 15 Juice Point & Eat Point, Margao

Hazelnut coffee – Coffee with a hint of hazelnut.. that perfect touch.

3 cappuccino

Café Inn, Palolem

Cappuccino – The most famous of them all, the Cappuccino, made from freshly ground coffee. This coffee is basically an espresso coffee, topped with steamed milk, An excellent way to start the day.

4 ice coffee & mediterranean sandwich

On The Go, Porvorim

Ice coffee and Mediterranean sandwich – A super sandwich for the veggies, actually I love it too. Between the slices of bread, you have grilled eggplant, zucchini & red pepper, smeared with  some home made pesto & cream cheese.

5 cappuccino

Café Cotinga, Anjuna

Cappuccino – The famous coffee which for sure needs no introduction I am sure. But let me tell you this.. they do grind their own beans, and its super fresh.

6 molten choclate cake & coffee

EAT, Candolim

Molten Chocolate cake and Coffee – Moist oozy chocolate cake, with a molten core, that oozes out as soon as you dig into it. Chocolate lovers stay away.. I double dare you!!

7 fudge brownie frappe & caramel frappe

Delicieux, Miramar

Fudge brownie Frappe – Chocolate brownie in a glass!! Cold milk frappe blended with chocolate brownie & ice cream.

Caramel Frappe – Caramel shake, topped with vanilla ice cream.

8 tiramisu

Piccola Roma, Vagator/Calangute

Tiramisu – Light, coffee based Italian desert, made from cream cheese, coffee liquor and yes.. more coffee. A perfect way to end your meal at Piccola Roma.

9 ice cappuccino & chocolate milk shake

Cream choc, Anjuna

Ice Cappuccino – A cold cappuccino, made with milk foam, cold coffee & sugar syrup. Any coffee lover would go head over heels for this, now enjoy chilled coffee in the Goan tropical heat.

Chocolate milk Shake – Rich chocolate milk shake made with…yup u guessed right, Chocolate Gelato.

10 french press

Coffee Cove, Porvorim

French press – Dark coffee at its best, served in a French press.

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