20 Best (fish curry rice) FCR thali restaurants in Goa


Festa, Grand Mercure Goa Shrem, CandolimFCRpic1

A grand FCR Thali at a Grand restaurant in Candolim. With all the delicacies from Sol Kadi, to Tisreo,curries, the traditional fugat style veggies and not to miss the Goan dessert Bebinca, painstakingly made ayer by layer to give you a satisfying 5 star Goan experience.

Barcode, Porvorim

This contemporary and stylish restaurant & pub serving Modern European cuisine in Porvorim,Goa surprisingly puts out a beautiful Goan FCR served in Goan terracotta ware. You are bound to click a few pics and get a shot of Feni before you indulge.

Woods Inn, PorvorimFCRpic2

The only Giant FCR thali in Porvorim, Goa. Get ready for an afternoon Siesta after this gigantic FCR thali with every possible Goan delicacy whether fried fish, curries, pickles or veg preparations. Put together very tastefully you need to work up a big appetite to gut this one

Anandashram, Panjim & St. Inez

This is one FCR restaurant with history and probably the highest footfall. Originally started in the beautiful bi-lane of Panjim near the Mandovi river, they have taken it a notch up at the St. Inez outlet with a lovely bar where you can team the thali with some with Goan Feni or beer. Don’t miss out on the Portuguese dessert, Serdura after the FCR.

Antique Mardol, CalanguteFCRpic3

All the way from Verna, the lucky North Goans have Mardol right here at Calangute with one of the best FCR’s in the coastal belt. Authentic flavours, great service staff and beautifully plated FCR thali, not to be missed when in the coastal stretch.

Renuka restaurant, Bambolim

If you are on your way to South, Renuka would be an ideal stop over for a quick FCR thali, with a tasty platter to take you through the day!

Le Jardin restaurant & bar, MapusaFCRpic4

Nealty tucked away on the first floor on the busiest round about of Mapusa, Le Jardin serves one of the finest FCR Thali’s around this buzzing vicinity. Catch a break during the busy weekdays to enjoy a platter completely Goan style.

Anand Bar & Restaurant, Anjuna

The only FCR joint on the way to Anjuna, Anand bar & restaurant has become very poular among the tourist for lunch. You might see people pouring even after 3 pm hoping to lay their hands on this FCR thali

Sanil Bar & Restaurant, PorvorimFCRpic5

Don’t be surprised if you swarms of hungry people of all nationalities hovering round this little FCR outlet at mid-day. Situated rioght behind the famous Baker’s Street on Chogm road, Sanil has one of the best meals to offer.

Kamlabai, Mapusa

Inspite of 2 large dinig halls, Kamlabai is surprisngly always full and you might have to wait your turn to get your hand on this FCR thali. Well worth the wait Kamlabai is a favourite among the residents.

Mirabai, SaligaoFCRpic6

If you are looking for a womens touch in the food, Mirabai is the place for you. Run by a couple where the wife is doing all the amazing cooking, you are bound to have a wholesome FCR meal here in the beautiful village of Saligao, a favourite among the Calngute cops.

Reis Corner, Mapusa

Its no surprise that Mapusa has so many good FCR outlets, when you have such a large crowd to cater to from residents, office goers, shoppers, tourist. Reis Corner is a good stop over for lunch whatever your purpose to be in Mapusa.

Bhojan, PorvorimFCRpic7

Placed on the top floor of a hotel in Porvorim, Bhojan is much known for their FCR thali besides other multi cuisine meals. A nice place to dine with friends and family at leisure

Ranchikud, Porvorim

Meaning kitchen in Konkani, Ranchikud is a poular FCR thali joint in Porvorim among the locals and visitors aswell. Dishing out meals by the minute, an ideal lunch for the ones on a eat and run!

Sai Prasad, CalanguteFCRpic8

Right behind the Calangute mall, this little family FCR restaurant has people moving in and out by the minute. Every cabbie’s favourite in the coastal belt, it’s a must check out!

Rawalnath, Chapora

If you find yourself in Chapora and hungry for big economical wholesome meal, Rawalnath is your destination with one of the best FCR thali in the vicinity.

Vinayak, AssagaoFCRpic9

A lovely restaurant in assagao surrounded by paddy fields and very popular among the Delhi bellies, you can have a relaxing FCR meal with a charming view

Sheela restaurant, Sancole

Right under the Zuari bridge, at the banks of the beautiful river Sheela will not only offer you solace from the hot sun, but also a wholesome, tasty FCR thali for you to remember for days.

Niwant Fish Hut, MapusaFCRpic10

Right outside the popular Navtara at Mapusa, Niwant fish hut is the new kid on the block dishing out good FCR thalis for the people going shopping to the busy markets of Mapusa.

Crazy Crabs, Arpora

Besides being very well known for their Goan style sea food and other multi cuisine, Crazy Crab in Arpora is ideal for an FCR mid-day meal.

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  1. Clement Fernandes

    I think these are well designated restaurants and they do absolute justice to what they have been recommended for.
    Although I still have to try Niwant fish Hut in Mapusa.

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