40 Best Desserts in Goa

cream-choc(1),Anjuna-(3)Cream Choc, Anjuna

Goa Express – A Sunday made to be enjoyed in Goa. Made with flavors like Mango, coconut & chocolate Gelato, withfresh banana & finished with a sprinkle of coconut.


On the Go, Morjim

Banoffee pie – With a biscuit base, banana toffee, topped with fresh cream. Chocolate brownie mousse – Chopped bits of chocolate brownie, dunked into a creamy rich chocolate mousse. Coffee panacotta – A smooth creamy custard, made with a coffee base.


Cream Choc, Anjuna

Waffle with Gelato – Talk about having a sweet tooth. I think I have a mouth full of them!! Here we have a waffle topped with Gelato & chocolate sauce, but this time I choose the all new flavor ‘Cherry’.


On the Go, Morjim

Lemon & Lavender Drizzle Cake – A super moist, delicious pound cake made with lemon & lavender, drizzled over with a sweeting glaze..


Cream Choc, Anjuna

Cold stone Gelato – made to order, with your choice of topping. Here in this pic, we chose chocolate cookies, gems & frozen yogurt.


Villa Blanche Bistro, Assagao

Eggless chocolate cake-The Eggless chocolate cake too was a shocker for a hardcore non-vegetarian like me. Kudos to the hard work put in by the Villa Blanche team &
thanks for the great experience.


Villa Blanche Bistro, Assagao

Gluten free chocolate cake with Vegan strawberry ice-cream. Honestly, you won’t even know the difference. The cake is moist, like any chocolate cake, but tastier.


The Station, Nuvem

Strawberry cheese cake-A sinfully delicious cheese cake all made from scratch. Damn.. I think it’s he best I have had till date


Aj’s, Benaulim

Chocolate Brownie – moist, soft &chocolatey. Insanely awesome.Served with a generous dollop of chocolate ganache.


Azzure, Calangute

Treat delight – Ebony & ivory chocolate tossed with sliced
banana,wrapped with Thai crepe, served with ice-cream.


Baba Au Rhum, French Cafe, Anjuna

Passion Fruit chocolate – Passion fruit compote, with a
crisp pie base, topped with chocolate mousse and dusted
with coco powder. An awesome experience.


Baker Street, Porvorim

Mixed Doughnuts. The best we found so far!! A definite
must try..


Café Inn, Palolem

Belgian Waffles- with various choice of icecreams and fresh
fruits, irresistible


Bar code Lounge &Gril

Serradura – The classic serradura brought in to Goa by the
Portuguese with Mari crumbs.. For those of you how have
no idea of what that is, you got to try it quick.


Bay15. Dona Paula

Gajjarkahalwa – traditional carrot halwa, slow cooked with
a hint of cardamom, served with caramel iced carrot & fresh


Café Cotinga, Anjuna

Cappuccino – The famous coffee which for sure needs no
introduction I am sure. Banofee Pie – The banofee pie is
actually a banana and toffee pie, put together


Chalston Beach Resort, Calangute

Chocolate coconut temptation – Light chocolate and
coconut cake, dusted with desiccated coconut.


Ciao Bella, Badem Assagao

Panna Cotta – Creamy custard made with gelatins, topped
with fresh mango sauce.


Desbue, Panjim

Green Tea Panacotta – Creamy smooth pudding made with
a hint of green tea, another one to get a ‘wow’ from me.


Wok & Roll,Candolim

Water chestnut rubies – Served in cold sweetened coconut
milk, these rubies are really pieces of water chestnuts which
have been soaked in a special red solution specially
imported from Thailand!!


Tao, Panjim

This Homemade brownie made with nuts, raisins & marsh
mellows, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream &
drowned in chocolate sauce…


Eden, Calangute

Coffee ice cream sandwich – If you have a sweet tooth, you
won’t be able to resist this. Sandwich,are with coffee ice


Kudos, Colva

Kudos Sizzling Brownie – Home-made brownie, served
with vanilla ice cream & chocolate sauce, flambéed with
dark rum!


Thai & Wok, Panjim

Honey Tossed Noodles with Vanilla – Fresh noodles, fried
crisp, and tossed in a honey glaze sauce with sesame
seeds, topped with ice-cream


La Brise, Candolim

Chocolate Baileys mousse – Creamy soft chocolate
mousse, served with blueberry compote with chocolate


Masala Art, Candolim

Zauk-e-shahi – Deep fried milk dumplings resembling gulab
jamuns, served with a chilled homemade rabadi.


Koi, Calangute

Chocolate Fondant – A classic baked chocolate soufflé,
with quality of its ingredients absolutely not spared. Made
fromCallebaut chocolate


Natti’s Naturals, Anjuna

Natti’s nutty chocolate cake – Now if I wasn’t told, this cake
was eggless and gluten free, I would have never ever
thought so. It totally got me by surprise.


Izgara, By Acacia, Candolim

Baklava – Made from the delicate filo pastry sheets, and
brushed with butter.. and to complete it, dry fruits sprinkled
around and baked. Finally drizzled with sugar syrup before
serving warm


Piccola Roma, Anjuna

Tiramisu – Light, coffee based Italian desert, made from
cream cheese, coffee liquor and yes.. more coffee.


Festa, Candolim

Desert Tarts – A super light chocolate mousse, Fruit triffle,
Chocolate parfait with mango ice cream.


Kingstork, Calangute

Mango Honey crepe – WOW..That’s all I can say.. Just wow.
A crepe stuffed with fresh ‘Alphonso mango slices’ and
topped with honey..


Maracas, Porvorim

Baked New York cheese cake – As good as it gets. Wow,
what a way to end your meal. New York style baked
cheese cake, topped with fresh tropical fruits


Shamba, Anjuna

Passion fruit & citrus Pavlova – With a range wide range
of flavors and textures. Put together with orange segments
,lemon curd, crunchy meringues and strawberry compote.


Jalsa, Resort Rio, Arpora

If lady luck is on your side, this could be your desert in the
thali!! The desert keeps changing depending on availability
& season.


The River House,Baga Arpora

Trio of cheese cake – If you thought one was not enough,
yougotta check this dessert out. Passion fruit, strawberry
& dark chocolate, Served in shot glasses over a crumble.


River Isle, Ribandar

Creme Caramel – The classic Goan Caramel custard. The
best way to end a meal in Goa. Subtlety sweetened &
served with a caramel sauce.


Cyrus Todiwala’s River Restaurant

Lime & semolina, Pistacho cake – Another interesting mix..
Very much like our TtraditionalGoan ‘Baath or Bathica’
the coconut cake. Excellent combo with vanilla ice-cream.


Nostalgia, Raia

Pattolio or Pattoli – A traditional Goan sweet, made with Rice, stuffed with coconut and palm Jaggery, steamed in Turmeric leaves!!


Ignia, Verna

Sudden Orgasm with Walter white – Made of California
grapes soaked in whiskey & dipped in chocolate. Named
after Walter white, from the famous tv show Breaking Bad
is a white chocolate fudge ice cream & dried fruits & nuts.
Simply wow..

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