Top 50 Awesome Beverages in Goa

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Joes River Cove, Cavelossim

Joe’s River cove Special – Malibu, white rum, mango juice & fresh cream.

‘Sunset’– Gin, vodka, pineapple juice, orange juice and grenadine syrup.


Palasha, at La Cabana, Ashwem

Swimming Pool – A super cool mocktail made with Pineapple Juice, fresh cream & blue coracon.

Ice Cooler – Tropical ice cooler made for the summer. Sprite, with granadine, topped up a scoop of ice cream.

3 orange ammareto & red sangria

The River House, Baga

Orange Amaretto – Talk about going all out, amaretto, with a dash of vodka, with a dash of dragon fruit juice.

Red Sangria – A cocktail that surely needs no introduction. The famous sangria made with red wine, n topped with chopped fruits, one delicious drink!!

4 fat man running & black rose

One Degree, Vagator

Fat Man Running – From the Bar Man’s select list, comes, the ‘Fat Man Running’. A beautiful cocktail made with strawberry, orange & apple juice, with a dash of tequila.

Black Rose – A super refreshing mocktail, made with mint syrup, lime & topped up with cola. Not to forget the salted rim.

5 coco in goa & orange blush

Baba Au Rhum, Anjuna

Coco in Goa – A super combo to kill the heat when in the tropics, Mango, yoghurt, coconut milk, and pineapple juice. This smoothie has got to give you the feeling of Goa.

Orange Blush – Another brilliant concoction, to cool down, doesn’t get healthier than this.. Orange, apple and strawberry juice.

6 Bar mans special & jalaperio mojito

Nero Barcode, Porvorim

Jalapeño Mojito – A fiery surprise actually. Something I would have on a busy day. Gin shaken together with jalapeño& pomegranate juice, with a squeeze of lime.

Bar man’s special – Contemporary style cocktail made With Kahlua, Bay lies& dark rum. Would work well as a desert cocktail.

7 hugo & michalada

Marbella Morjim

Hugo – A Popular Champaign based cocktail straight from Germany?? Made with Champaign, mint, lime, elder flour syrup& finished off with a dash of sparkling water.

Michalada – Cool & fun key concoction made with a base of tomato juice like the regular Bloody Mary tweeted with a generous doze of beer.

8 coffee smoothie & mango smoothie

Café Inn, Palolem

Coffee slush – so if you think it’s one of those days, and you want to go easy, a great way to start would be the coffee slush, made with soya milk!!

Mango Smoothie – Since its summer, and mango season, what better way to enjoy the King of fruits, than in the form of a smoothie!! Just what you need to beat the summer heat.

9 ginger apple martini & strawberry cosmopolitan

Café Fiori, Calangute

Ginger apple martini – The classic contemporary style cocktail made from apple juice, ginger & lime, not to forget the good stuff, Smirnoff vodka & triple sec.

Strawberry cosmopolitan– Fresh refreshing cocktail, made from fresh strawberries, vodka & triple sec, with a dash of cranberry juice & lime.

10 passion fruit & blue boy

Cherry Tomato, Colva

Passion fruit, lime & mango – A smoothie designed for Goa. Mango & lime with a passionate touch.

Blue Boy – a cool slush made with blue curacao with pineapple juice.

11 oreo shake & lemon ice tea

Aj’s, Benaulim

Oreo Shake – Classic Oreo cookies blended into a shake. Note, it’s not that sweet. Just perfect.

Ice Tea – lemon ice tea, topped with ice and mint. Refreshing.

12 basito & spritz

Ciao Bella, Assagao

Spritz – An eye catching cocktail made with Campari & sparkling wine, may look sweet but it’s a bit on the dryer side.

Basito – Very much to my taste. Made on the basis of a mojito with a twist of basil, lime juice, ginger ale & raw sugar. Simply wow.

13 fruit mojito & mango lime ice tea

Festa, Candolim

Fruit Mojito– Chopped mixed fruits, with sugar, crushed & topped with Bacardi & 7up. Not to forget..the mint.

Mango lime ice tea – Mango juice, regular tea & lime. This
is definitely an Ice tea made for Goa. Super refreshing, like mango in the rain..

14 lugabi & tambde rosa

Firefly, Benaulim

Tambde Rosa – Now for all of you who say you can’t stand fenni, you have no idea what you are missing. Surprisingly refreshing cocktail that would just make you ‘wanna dance’ !!! made with kokum, mint & lime juice.

Lugabi– Named after regulars Lucas & Gabriela from Germany, who demanded for something new. Yeah, who would have though, so the management came up with this concoction. Goan coconut fenni, with a German twist, u guessed right ‘jagermeister’.

15 jalapeno margarita & kudos coco coffee martini

Kudos, Colva

Jalapeño Margarita – This classic cocktail is made with Vodka, triple sec & jalapeño Gus, with a touch of lime & sugar syrup. Excellent with a salted rim.

Kudos Coco-coffee Martini – A dash of Baileys, chocolate sauce, Kailua & topped with chocolate ice-cream. With a subtle kick to the side, & a coco-coffee twist, this simply is the perfect dessert cocktail to end your meal.

16 twister steve job

Ignia, Verna

Twister – Summer cooler, made from cranberry, orange & litchi juice, that will cool you off from the heat.

Steve Jobs – A very interesting name to call a mocktail, blended together with fresh apples, apple juice & a dash of cinnamon. Interesting!

17 blue lagoon & strawberry daiquiri

Palms n sands, Candolim

Strawberry Daiquiri – coanthru, white rum, fresh strawberries & dash of strawberry crush & lime juice

Blue Lagoon – Tropical favorite I guess. Gin, Blue coracon, lime& Sprite.

18 mango mojito & tambde rosa

Pink Chilli, Arpora

Mango Mojito – Fresh for the season, local mangoes blended& mixed with white rum, mint, lime & sugar, topped with club soda.

Tambde Rosa – Made from kokum juice & a dash of lime, a signature to the cazulofenni brand, the name truly says, Goa.

19 coriander coconut mojito & fantasy

La Brise, Candolim

Coriander & coconut mojito – Just like a regular mojito, this one too is made with mint leaves, white rum & 7up. Only difference..coriander sprigs & coconut syrup.

Fantasy – Highly recommended mocktail for the summer, to beat the heat. Litchi squash, topped with a dash of cream& lemonade.

20 pitcher of mojito & whisky sour

Octopus, Palolem

Pitcher of Mojito – The classic Mojito, made with white rum, mint, lime juice & brown sugar, topped with club soda. Great way to start an evening.

Whiskey sour– A smooth whiskey bas d cocktail, made from bourbon, with a dash of lime & egg white. Hence shaken & not stirred.

21 kiwi mint martini & strawberry cooler

River Isle, Ribandar

Strawberry cooler – A seasonal strawberry cooler by the river!! Made with mint & ice, with fresh strawberries & topped with soda, this mocktail would surely provide relief from the Goan heat.

Kiwi mint martini– A refreshing cocktail. Martini made with vodka, kiwi, mint & lime. Yum!

22 toblerone & vodka citrus bust

Maracas, Porvorim

Toblerone – A desert cocktail, you won’t resist. I for sure, could not. Hazelnut chocolate blended with coffee liqueur & baileys.

Vodka Citrus burst – Very much like a Mojito if you ask me, with an orange twist. The citrus burst is simply superb. With some crushed mint & orange segments, you would be asking for more.

23 mickeys special cocktail & mickeys special mocktail

Mickeys, Colva

Mickey’s special cocktail – Tropical teaser made with mixed fruit juice, Grenadine syrup & 5 white spirits!!

Mickey’s special mocktail – The signature mocktail of the restaurant. Mango juice shaken with cream & ice cream.

24 mint smoothie & malabi

The Canteen, Palolem

Mint Smoothie – Combat the Goan Summer in a giffy with one glass of this ice cool, delicious smoothie.

Malabi – Traditional Turkish pudding made with rose water, topped with raspberry syrup, desiccated coconut & roasted nuts.

25 tequila sunrise & pimacolado

Zorba, The Beer Garden, Anjuna

Tequila sunrise – Grenadine syrup, orange juice, lime juice, tequila, triple sec built up to gorgeous colors of sunrise

Pinacolada– Pineapple juice, fresh cream, coconut syrup, shaken with white rum.

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